Hazardous Installations

Installations in hazardous locations of Class 1 Division 1&2 electrical work includes fueling facilities, pump stations, and water treatment plants as well as hazardous storage facilities. Our work accounts for all aspects of the different types of ignitable gases and fuels that require electrical installations with explosion proof protection.

List of Some Projects Completed:      
Automated Fuel Handling System Phase II

  • Craney Island Fueling Facility, Portsmouth Va.
  • Replace Automated Tank Signals
    Yorktown Naval Fuel Facility, Yorktown Va.
  • AFHE Pier D North Metering Station
    Craney Island Fueling Facility, Portsmouth Va.
  • Replace ODALS Control Wiring
    Fort Eustis Army Base, Fort Eustis VA.
  • Lake Meade Sewage Pumping Station
    Suffolk, Virginia
  • Fueling Barge Leak Detection System
    Craney Island Fueling Facility, Portsmouth Va.
  • UG Fuel Oil Piping, Progress Energy
    Cape Fear, Moncure, NC
  • SOF High Explosives Magazines
    Dam Neck Annex, Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Explosive Transfer Point and Holding Yard
    Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown Va.
  • Renovate 2nd Floor Testing Laboratory
    Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD.
  • AMOCO Yorktown Refinery Control Room
    Yorktown, Va.
  • Paint Bulk Storage Tanks and Repairs
    Langley Air Force Base, Hampton Va.
  • Sanitary Sewer Project Nansemond-Suffolk Academy
    Nansemond, Suffolk, Va.
  • Oil Water Separators Tanks 1-20 Naval Base
    Naval Base, Norfolk, Va.

ODALS Control Wiring Fort Eustis

ODALS Wiring

Fueling Truck Rack Craney Island

Fueling Truck

AHFE System Craney Island

AHFE System