Emergency & Backup Systems

When losing power is not an option, we have the expertise and experience to make sure you are not interrupted. Our Installations include backup generators, automatic transfer of power, uninterruptable power supply systems (UPS), battery racks and power conditioners. Our generator installations include systems from 5kW to 1250KW walk-in units. UPS systems installed up to 500kW.

List of Some Projects Completed Include:        

  • Fire Station Replacement & Generator
    Naval Academy, Annapolis Maryland
  • Joint Forces Command Generator and UPS System
    Suffolk, Virginia
  • 50kW UPS System Installation First Potomac
    Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Replace UPS System Building U-117
    Naval Base, Norfolk Virginia
  • Install Back-up Power Building 1069
    Langley Air Force Base, Hampton Virginia
  • Install Generator Building 764
    Langley Air Force Base, Hampton Virginia
  • Spence Crossing Pump Station
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Resort Pump Station
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Fire Station #5 Generator Replacement
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • UPS Installation RIU-E Building
    Craney Island, Portsmouth Virginia
  • Greystone Pump Station
    Suffolk, Virginia
  • Generators Building 14 NSGA Northwest
    Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Generator Installation Federal Executive Institute
    Charlottesville, Virginia

JFCOM 450W UPS System

Joint Forces Command UPS System

Capitulars Generator Set

Capitular Generator Sets

45W UPS Replacement First Potomas

45KW UPS Replacement